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I Collecting life


Collecting Life: starting from the passion of collecting as such and the overlapping of artists and hoarders and their fascination for collections that are also representative of a way of li!fe, Rukschcio made a movie in 2012 about a philosopher (“Collecting Life: the cascades of Dr. P.” A 2012, 28 min.) The protagonist collects newspapers and books and considers his apartment as the “spatial concept of his brain”.

In addition to this film Fiona Rukschcio also produced collages and objects that function as instructions for the camera: the camera should move among the piles of paper like the airplane is flying between mountains in her collages.(Installation: „The cascades of Dr. P“ A 2013, 24:30 min)

In order to view the theme from different angles and make it more accessible to the public, she put together an extensive related programme.


I fffr-communication award

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4Netz Award

The fffr-communication award was created by Fiona Rukschcio in order to distinguish exceptional achievements in the field of communication. It is awarded once every year to honor individuals or groups for ideas, initiatives or actions which came to the attention of the jury and were especially appreciated by it.

The fffr-communication award is intended to form a new kind of communicating which indicates courage for inconsistent and respectful acts.

Previously award winners: Yvonne Allinger 2009, Brigitte Friessnig-Zmasser 2010, Andreas Schmidsberger 2011, Helene Baur 2012, Susanne Karpisek 2013


I sofitel Wien, wall intervention for Jean Nouvel


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Autumn 2009: artistic wall contribution for the Sofitel in the Vienniese Jean-Nouvel Tower
Artistic concept: Alain Bony and Henri Labiole
Artists: Adam Fard, Almut Hahn, Eva Kadlec, Kris Lemsalu, Adrian Moldovan, Peter O.S., David Peschka, Fiona Rukschcio, Elisa Schlifke, Sabina Smiljanic, Nasim Yilmaz

Jean Nouvel liked my handwriting so much, that he commissioned me to write all the titles under the art works direct on the wall.